About The Mind Gala

The Mind Gala is a year-long initiative by Project Encephalon and the Thakur Neurodegeneration Lab to encourage more people to explore neuroscience. This initiative is funded by the 2nd IndiaBioScience Outreach Grant. The various outreach activities involve Webinars, Panel Discussions, Lab Tours, Workshops etc.

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Dr. Poonam Thakur is a neuroscientist working as an Assistant Professor at IISERTVM. She completed her Ph.D. from Panjab University, Chandigarh followed by post-doctoral research from Lund University, Sweden, and Goethe University, Germany. To know more about Dr. Poonam Thakur, refer to Thakur Neurodegeneration Lab, her interview in Project Encephalon’s Sapiens in Neurosciences series.

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Project Encephalon (PE) is an international, trainee-led non-profit organization for neuroscience enthusiasts and conducts various academic and non-academic neuroscience-related activities while accounting for the interdisciplinary needs of the field. PE aims to develop a vibrant and inclusive community for anyone with an interest in neuroscience, where they can reap all the benefits this organization offers.

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